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Join Sweet Pea the donkey in adventures that she encounters in her daily life with her friends.  She works at her candy shop, climbs mountains, goes to the museum and more

Book 1:  "The Adventures of Sweet Pea the Donkey" has 28 pages. 

Book 2: "Sweet Pea The Donkey's Mansion Adventures" has 36 pages. 

Book 3:  "Sweet Pea the Donkey's Big book of Adventures" has 60 pages. 

All the books measure 8 x 10 inches and have beautifully printed and illustrated pages.  They are perfect for children of all ages.

The cost of book one is $13.95 plus S/H of $5.00.  The cost of book two is $15.95 plus S/H of $5.00.  The cost of book three is $24.95 plus S/H of $5.00.  If you buy more then one book you will only be required to pay a one time S/H fee.  Please enter in the comments which book/books you would like to buy. 

The authors are happy to personalize your copy of their book.  Please use comments or our CONTACT US page for  requests or if you prefer to pay by check.





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